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The base makeup is the most indispensable step in our make-up process. The foundation is good, and the makeup effect is at least half of the worry. Today, Xiaobian brings you the super popular liquid foundation list, and 10 easy-to-use liquid foundations are recommended. Give you!
Liquid Foundation Rankings Liquid Foundation Recommended Armani Silky Liquid Foundation
Liquid Foundation Ranking:
1. Armani silky liquid foundation 30ml
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Armani silky liquid foundation is the highest single base product of Armani's repeated purchase rate. Suitable for most people, moderate opacity, not heavy but not particularly thin, moderate moisturizing, not greasy or dry, slightly shiny will look better, like bright can be brightened with loose powder, like dumb The matte side can also choose such a powder as a follow-up makeup. Sisters who choose not to choose the foundation will generally not make mistakes.
2.3CE radiance moisturizing liquid foundation 40g
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The 3CE brand liquid foundation in Korea has no concealing effect, but it has one of the biggest points of the skin, which will let the skin emit natural luster from the inside to the outside, which can be well blended with the skin to make the skin look healthier and more energetic. It is a natural-looking foundation that is suitable for sisters who have a clear skin and a natural skin.
3.BOBBI BROWN Shu Ying Balance Foundation 30ml
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The texture is a thin liquid foundation, a particularly light and breathable feeling, the concealing effect is also there, but not very strong, but it brightens the effect of the skin tone, it will instantly brighten the skin after the face, and the skin Q will feel the skin Very translucent, very moisturizing, so it is very suitable for dry skin.
4.DIOR forever long-lasting moisturizing liquid foundation 30ml
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This foundation is divided into moisturizing, firming and skin-friendly models. It features SPF25, and it is very easy to push open and will not be powdered. It can cover small flaws and moisturize the skin at the same time. It is bright and natural, suitable for medium to dry skin. Although the concealing power is general, it can only cover small flaws, but it is good in ventilation and moisturizing. It is the first choice for light and light makeup, and has a light fragrance.
5. Estee Lauder DOUBLE WEAR Long Lasting Foundation 30ml
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It has a very good makeup and good concealing. It can regulate the skin's water and oil balance, effectively maintain moisture and control shine. It is a brand new upgraded Essential Oil "water foundation", light in texture and smooth in the extreme. This foundation has a good moisturizing effect and will not be too oily. However, the color is relatively dark and yellowish, so it is suitable for sisters who are darker in color. The white-skinned sisters need to be carefully selected, otherwise they will cause two colors on the face and neck.
6. Lancome miracle tulle foundation 30ml
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Lancome's breakthrough whitening technology has a unique crystal radiance essence that acts like a “liquid micro-mirror” to enhance the surface gloss of the skin, as well as to scatter the natural glow of the interior, leaving the inner and outer layers transparent and healthy. The skin color, the overall effect of the skin will be transparent, natural, radiant and radiant, the texture of the water-in-oil, the long-lasting makeup effect, the long-lasting moisturizing inside, the oil control effect is super good, no powdery makeup will appear.
7. Floating life if dream double water powder cream 38# 50ml
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In terms of capacity, 30ML beyond the general liquid foundation, this gouache cream has 50ML, the price is also good, because of the large capacity, it should be 80% moisture, and even more magical is its jelly texture, which is alive. If the dream is unique, it is also the favorite of many professional makeup artists. A refreshing oil-free formula that is breathable and versatile, even if it is not applied, it can give the skin a feeling of powder and tenderness; it is used on the body to have a concealing effect on the legs (such as mild varicose veins); this gouache cream Wrinkles and expression lines will not be aggravated, the ductility is super good, no need to push, and it can be evenly used directly.
8.YSL super-mode focusing light-sensitive liquid foundation 30ml
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There are two versions of the super-model foundation. The people who wear the dry skin of YSL will like it. After use, the skin feels really shiny. It is very beautiful. It is not easy to remove makeup powder. It is light and bright and protective. Liquid foundation, because the texture is extremely light and silky, it is smooth and sleek, and it can also modify the contour of the face. The concealer effect is obvious, but it does not show the thick makeup, the same can show the brightness of the skin.
9.NARS sheer glow play beautiful whitening liquid foundation 30ml
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It is the base makeup of European and American brands. It is very moist and concealer is in the middle, but the basic dark circles or small pores are covered. The moisturizing power is also good. It is a foundation that most people with dry skin prefer. The wonderful texture is one of the few popular makeups in Asia and the United States. However, this foundation is a jar, so the dosage is difficult to control, you can consider using a nozzle to use.
10.CHANEL Vitality Moisturizing Foundation 30ml
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This liquid foundation is innovative in water-based liquid foundation. It is very moist and will not dry out after use. Because the concealing effect is medium, it is suitable for creating a nude makeup, which can quickly blend into the skin and be extremely delicate to create a fresh and natural look. Containing a natural fragrance, it is used like an eau de toilette. Rose ivory, which is a powdery tone, can enhance the color of the skin, make the skin look more relaxed, restore the original vitality and transparency, light texture to make the skin color silky satin, bright Natural, younger makeup.
Xiaobian brings the super popular liquid foundation list, 10 easy to use liquid foundation recommended, come and choose one you like!

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