IWF2016 Shanghai International Fitness Expo debuted on March 6th

IWF2016 Shanghai International Fitness Expo March 6 shocked debut date: 2016-03-03 17:07

When consumption upgrades and corporate transformation co-exist, when mergers and acquisitions and cross-border cooperation go hand in hand, when the government supports industry standard regulations, the Chinese fitness industry that has been developing for more than 30 years will undoubtedly enter a new era. Under the new normal, the integration and development of enterprises, the application of new technologies, the fierce competition in new products, and the sudden emergence of smart products have given the Chinese fitness industry a new glory in a new era.

On March 6-8, 2016, the 2016 China International Fitness, Leisure and Leisure Expo will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. As the industry's eye-catching opening drama, it brings together many well-known brands and innovative products, as well as a variety of supporting activities, which will inevitably bring extraordinary exhibition and visit experience.

The exhibition is upgraded with clear themes

The IWF Shanghai International Fitness Expo, sponsored by the China Association of Culture, Education and Sporting Goods and the China Medicare Association's Massage and Health Care Appliances Club, has been organized and operated meticulously for two years. No matter how large the scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors, and the category of the exhibits, has maintained high growth. The scale of the exhibition is preset to 35,000 square meters, 25+ training rooms, mainly composed of fitness and sports exhibition area and fitness training area. It focuses on new equipment, fitness products, new courses and new concepts at home and abroad. Commercial fitness equipment, home fitness equipment, fitness equipment accessories, training equipment, functional training equipment, nutritional supplements, sports shoes, smart health products, gym facilities, outdoor fitness equipment, children's play facilities, massage health care equipment and other products!

This year's IWF SHANGHAI 2016 takes science and technology innovation as its theme, and focuses on this theme. From exhibition brand to product display, to technology release, curriculum training, and forums during the same period, it has carefully selected and prepared, and will demonstrate the value of innovation in the fitness market in all directions. The breadth and depth of the chain will create a global professional trading and communication platform for the fitness industry in Shanghai, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the Chinese fitness industry.

Stars gather, people look

This IWF SHANGHAI 2016 inherits traditional advantages, focusing on the home and business markets, and combining domestic and foreign sales. With tens of thousands of on-site visitors per year and the industry influence of the entire fitness industry, it has become a powerful brand for many powerful companies to spread. Good image, good reputation, good product for recommendation. Since the inauguration of this exhibition, nearly 200 companies have signed up. Nearly 70% of the booths have been competed and the investment situation is unprecedentedly warm.

Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac, Intenza, Reebok, Power Plate, Octane, Aolitec China, Health Fitness, Chad Fitness, Court Training, Orit, Huixiang, Papar, Angloto Some well-known domestic and foreign companies and brands, including Zhengxing, Zhengxing, Iron Man, Good Family, Shangshen, Zhongda, Hana, Weida, Wei Hengsheng, and Tomson Biceng, came to the show. At the same time, IWF SHANGHAI has also joined hands with exhibitors and brands to launch a series of on-site product experience activities to give viewers zero-distance experience and experience. In addition, the new product launch conference for multiple exhibitors will also allow the audience to first appreciate the advanced technologies and trends in the fitness and sports fields.

Fitness training, extraordinary

The IWF Shanghai International Fitness Conference that attracted the attention of the industry last year has been upgraded to the IWF China Fitness Festival. It has a larger training room scale, more cooperative training institutions, a bigger coffee star instructor and more international fitness. course. Among them, the training courses cover strategy and investment, club management, personal training and small studios, group exercises, yoga, Pilates, bodybuilding, Tai Chi, fighting, fitness dance, health management, nutrition, sports rehabilitation, marketing, etc. Help gyms, clubs, studios, etc. to improve the level of operation and management, help fitness instructors, fitness enthusiasts to improve their professional skills, and lead and disseminate concepts and methods of healthy lifestyles.

In the same period forum, keeping pace with market demand In 2016, the IWF SHANGHAI Summit Forum will implement three major upgrades: First, the scale of the forum will be upgraded. This forum will be held at the IWF 2016 fitness and sports industry Internet+ Innovation Forum, 2016 China's first fitness and sports industry. The e-Commerce Conference and 2016 China Massage and Health Care Industry Leader Summit are composed of three sections, which are more in-depth than the industry. Second, the core topics are closely linked with the New Deal of the Industry. In-depth analysis is conducted on the innovation trends and future development of the fitness and sports industry to interpret strategic opportunities. At the same time, invited e-commerce cafes to share the actual experience of the Amoy Department, mobile e-commerce, community marketing, and explore the e-commerce innovation model; Third, the guest lineup has been fully upgraded, both national government agencies and sporting goods industry leaders, more sea Internal and external industry leaders and pioneers.

Supporting activities, exciting to burst

In the same period, the IWF 2016 China Fitness Festival Awards Ceremony, China's fitness industry's top ten innovation product selection awards conference, and the 2015 China massage and health care equipment export awards ceremony were held. The industry's great coffee came to the fore, the stars sparkled, and the heavy awards were announced at the same time! 2016IWF The nine major events such as the Feinless Cup Bodybuilding Fitness Bikini Grand Prix, the 2016 IWF Fighting Fighting Fighting Championships, the IWF 2016 Mission Fighting Ceremony, and the Physical Challenge were held in the same period. There were more passionate and open performances such as the group open class, followed by passionate performances. Participants brought a stylish and passionate fitness experience.

Buyers gather for a feast

IWF SHANGHAI complies with market demand and always puts the buyer's professional lock-in on top of service exhibitors. In 2016, the IWF SHANGH AI Organizing Committee further intensified the promotion and accuracy of the buyers' invitation. It is expected that IWF SHANGHAI2016 will host more than 20,000 high-end hotels, clubs, distributors, agents, colleges and universities from home and abroad. Government agencies and other buyers, as well as fitness coaches, fitness enthusiasts and other professionals.

Here, we will bring together high-performance exhibits, all to see the overall situation, and sniff business opportunities. Here, we will appreciate the perfect integration of innovation and technology, and learn the latest trends in the industry; here, we will bring together industry leaders and professional high-end forums; here, The exhibition service is at home and it is easy to enjoy a fitness trade feast. Here is the IWF 2016 Shanghai International Fitness Expo!

Finally, our booth number is C058, and meet with you IWF.

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