Shanghai Jiapeng analytical gel imaging working principle use method

In gel imaging systems, the mobility of the sample on the electrophoresis gel or other carrier is not the same. A qualitative analysis of the unknown sample is performed by comparing the standard or other alternative standards. This is the basis for the qualitative analysis of image analysis systems. According to the location of the unknown sample in the map, it can be qualitatively analyzed to determine its composition and properties.

The sample partially absorbs the projected or reflected light, so that the optical density of the sample strip above the image obtained by photography varies. The optical density is linear with respect to the concentration or mass of the sample. Depending on the optical density of the unknown sample, the concentration or mass of the unknown sample can be obtained by comparing the optical density of the sample strip of known concentration. This is the basis for quantitative analysis of image analysis systems. The use of the latest technology of the ultraviolet transmission source and the white light transmission source to make the light distribution more uniform, to minimize the impact of the uneven optical density on the results.

Gel imaging use:

First: Turn on the computer, start the gel analysis software, and enter the user interface.

Second: Open the black box device power switch that collects the gel image, put in the gel, turn on the ultraviolet light source or white light source, connect the acquisition device to the capture card on the computer, and then select “Image Capture” in the “File” menu or The "Image Acquisition" button on the toolbar displays the image window: "Start Acquisition", "Stop Acquisition", "Collect Image", and so on. If the image is not clear, you can adjust the zoom lens on the black box to make it clear. The image can be saved directly, or the image can be rotated, cropped, filtered, and contrast adjusted by "image processing".

Third: The electrophoresis gel analysis system can be activated for the electrophoresis gel image read. Select Electrophoresis Gel from the Function Selection menu or the Electrophoresis Gel tool on the toolbar, the lane analysis toolbar appears, and a red rectangle appears in the Image Display subwindow. You can also enter the Strip Analysis system to number strips and compare more than two strips.

Fourth: After the image is collected, close the black box power switch, remove the gel from the dark box, and clean the glass.

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