The kitchen wood floor is so accurate!

In daily home decoration, how to choose the materials for floor decoration is a topic worthy of further study. Usually, the living room and bedroom will choose to lay the floor and floor tiles, while the kitchen and bathroom will choose the floor tiles. Nowadays, in order to maintain the uniformity of the interior style, many owners have changed the use of wooden flooring as the decoration material for the kitchen floor. So how can fragile wood flooring withstand the test of high temperatures, oil stains and moisture? Follow the furniture fans to see how the kitchen wood flooring should be selected.

Kitchen wooden floor laying

Part1: Advantages of kitchen floor coverings

Abandoning the usual floor tiles and choosing wooden flooring as the kitchen floor material must have its advantages to attract consumers. Let's take a look at the advantages of wooden flooring and kitchen.

1, the home style is more unified

In China, more and more homes choose the form of an open kitchen. At this time, if the living room and the kitchen floor are chosen with different materials, the uniformity of the entire space will be greatly reduced.

2, the floor feels good

As we all know, the wooden floor is very popular among consumers because of its good foot feeling. It is widely used in the decoration of the living room and bedroom. The open kitchen is connected with the living room dining room. The wooden floor is laid on the feet of the kitchen. More comfortable.

3, the floor slip is better

Compared with tiles, the anti-slip properties of the floor are superior. Especially when the ground is accidentally wetted by water, the floor is more slip resistant than tiles. Moreover, the floor is milder than the tile material, and accidental fall can also reduce the impact of collision.

Kitchen wooden floor laying

Part2: Floor selection points are tailored for the kitchen

Although the floor has many advantages in the kitchen, it is undeniable that the floor is a sensitive material, it is not suitable for the environment such as moisture, oil smoke, etc., and it is not very clean once it is dirty. To customize the floor for the kitchen, you must start with the selection.

1, eye view

Low-density floors are vulnerable to moisture and moisture, so when you buy a floor, you should first look at its appearance and see the density of the board. The density of the entire floor can also be calculated in a simple way based on the formula of density = mass / volume. Generally speaking, the density of low density boards is less than 450 kg/m3, the density of medium density boards is 450 kg-600 kg/m3, and the density of high density boards is 600 kg~900 kg/m3.

2, dripping

Drip is to test the water absorption rate of the floor, take 1-2 pieces of floor at random, drop a few drops of water on the front and back of the floor, after a certain time of water absorption, the floating water drops will not be absorbed on the decorative layer, the side of the wooden floor There is no obvious water swelling phenomenon, which proves that the water absorption rate of the floor meets the requirements.

3, test crack

Put a few pieces together to see if there is a difference in height. If there is a clear drop to prove that the floor is hot and cold, such a floor is not suitable for high temperature kitchens.

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Kitchen wooden floor laying

Part3: Floor cleaning, maintenance and durability

Do not think that the material is selected, the pavement is good, the floor will be once and for all, especially in the kitchen floor, the daily cleaning and maintenance is the most critical.

1, carefully care

The kitchen floor must be cleaned daily, and a soft dry rag or vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the floor from dust and dirt.

2, stubborn stains immediately deal with

The most annoying stains in the kitchen are oil stains. When it is difficult to remove the oil stains, you need to use special oil and soft cloth to wipe. If it is non-oily stubborn stains, you can clean it with a neutral detergent solution. Then wipe it off with a soft, wrung rag.

3, often waxing protection

It is well known that the floor needs to be waxed and maintained, and the wooden floor of the kitchen needs to be waxed and maintained. Carefully wax the floor every month to protect the floor and make the kitchen floor more durable.

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