Eight porch decoration skill wardrobes make the square inch become bigger and more beautiful

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The entrance is a window, a business card, conveying the style and image of the home. Generally speaking, the area of ​​the entrance is the smallest in the entire family area, but the arrangement of such a small space is more testable. Today, China Wardrobe Network recommends 8 porch decoration points, which use a porch to insert a large red wardrobe design to show the intimate family relationship, let people feel the warmth and warmth of the family.

[part1 affinity color]

The effect of color on people's emotions is quite subtle. When you push the door into the black lacquered aisle, you will be puzzled. Apart from the improvement through lighting, and of course the color of furniture.

Entrance decoration

Bright color storage unit

If you are worried that large-scale monochrome furniture will affect the visual perception of the entrance, you can try the style of this wall-mounted storage unit. Its flexible installation and patchwork of emissions allow you to play with color without the pressure of taboos.

2. Childlike color

The small masters are in the beginning stage of social life. They will prepare suitable hangers and shoe racks for them next to the adult dressing space, and develop a good habit of loving neatness under the guidance of parents.

[part2 featured theme decoration]

In addition to dressing and storage, does the porch have other functions? The display of personality is naturally the first, the enviable photo wall, the children's cute clothes and toys, so that visitors feel the warmth and warmth of this family at first glance.

Entrance wardrobe design

1. Wardrobe shows intimate family relationships

In the porch disposal into the closet wardrobe, clothes, bags and other pieces of goods have been put into the sliding door wardrobe. The walls of the entrance can be vacant and left for family photos or children's graffiti.

2. Focus on Wang Xingren

Put the dog's bedroom on the porch, and let it go out to play, and let the visitors see it at first glance. It is also a good friend who loves pets. When you change shoes, you can play with dogs. There is no sense of alienation. Super-storage storage will inevitably carry some items with you, can not be put into the bag, if there is not a proper place to store, it may be damaged or forgotten. The fine-grained item storage design provides convenience in the details, and everyone will praise you as a meticulous master.

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