3D printing F-15K fighter parts saves substantial budget purchase time

According to the Yonhap News Agency reported on November 26, the South Korean Air Force successfully used 3D technology to print parts of the F-15K fighter engine, which will also greatly save budget and parts procurement time.

The South Korean Air Force said on the 26th that the F-15K's 14 F110 engine high-pressure turbine shrouds were all produced in 3D printing technology this year for maintenance work. It is understood that the high-pressure turbine shroud is a high-temperature and high-pressure gas passage, which requires an average of more than 10 per year. The purchase price of the new product is 40 million won (about 224,000 yuan), and it takes 60 days to purchase abroad. If you use 3D printing , the cost is 3 million won per purchase, and the purchase time is only 20 days. In 2015, this alone saved 370 million won.

The South Korean Air Force also said that it will mass produce and promote such samples in the future, and it is expected to reduce the budget by 130 million won and 7-15 months of procurement each year. The Technical Management Division of the Korean Air Force Quartermaster Command stated that it is difficult to supply high-priced foreign parts. After introducing 3D printing technology into the production of aerospace parts, it saved the defense budget and procurement time and contributed to the national defense cause.

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