Daily broadcast - US cheap equipment from China? Make in China on behalf of the low-end?

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Strong translation: Make in China or become the biggest US brand opponent US outdoor information site SNEW released the news, the article said that many outdoor donkeys in Amazon America, to buy the entire backpack product for less than 100 US dollars, and even only need 5.6 US dollars The stoves that can be bought, let many American producers express "Alexander". It is understood that most producers of these cheap products come from China and Brazil. A high-end brand official said: "They do not have such technology. Our pricing is for a reason. It is not something that can be produced for 5 dollars." Faced with increasing sales pressure, many brands have expressed that they are buying cheap goods. Is the support of those manufacturers who cannot be responsible for the quality of the product. However, rational online shoppers say the words, "You got what you paid for." Yes, prices can reflect many things, but the pressure of Chinese production on U.S. producers also has a positive effect. “We do not seem to consider the potential of the low-end market. Making good products is our first goal, but consumers buy what they want to buy.” This is the statement made by another brand head. Xiao Bian believes that many foreign products are priced higher than domestic products, and quality seems to be guaranteed. However, the market is always free. The presence of high, medium and low-end products is reasonable.

The 2.0 version of the autumn and winter outdoor sports clothing, LA SPORTIVA why do you Cool! At the ISPO show earlier this year, LA SPORTIV introduced the full range of apparel product lines to Greater China. After a long wait of 9 months, it is now fully listed. Looking at these colorful, well-crafted, technology-leading winter outdoor sports apparel, Xiao Bian has been saliva all over the place. With the advancement of materials and technology, outdoor products have always been on lighter, thinner, safer and warmer roads. The products with colorful and high quality are always favored by consumers. This LA SPORTIVA is even more A number of technological innovations have been made, such as technology fiber identification systems, new thermal layer structures, and exclusive Spirex technology.

A new generation of super light sports car - SCULTURA Stella With the development of new technologies, Merida will never meet the status quo, always seek any breakthrough point, the performance of the car will be pushed to a new limit. The CF5 S/M frame is only 750 grams, with its own carbon-fiber front fork developed, the weight of the frame is less than 1,000 grams, and the amazing weight control makes the SCULTURA super lite a vehicle model. The overall weight of only 4.55 kg, jumped one of the world's lightest production car representatives. In addition to the successful weight loss, the 400mm rear lower fork gives the body a responsive response. Now you can install a 25mm wide tire and the comfort increases directly. On the other hand, the aerodynamic benefits are significantly higher than the REACTO Air Force expert. . The light body is conducive to climbing, and the improvement of the air force will help flat roads and downhill slopes. With various martial arts skills, the full-function car model SCULTURA will once again surprise you.

Starting | Spiral break gloves tomorrow morning at 10:00 Jingdong open to buy everyone's impression of protective gloves are lack of beauty, decorative gloves are not protective, you become the best of both worlds. Break gloves mixed color equipment, two-color gloves to wear enough to stunning you; coupled with Sparco proud of the level of technology, this fall and winter, the problem of his hands may no longer be a problem.

Hao Meng brings new products to be unveiled at the 2015 Asian Bike Show! Hao Meng new products: ETERNAL-721C-TT This product in shape and weight, have been optimized and improved: the new shape design to improve strength, optimize the balance of weight and strength; new chain lifting speed change function, so that speed Smoother and lighter!

The 2015 Good Walkers have come to a close on foot, but Marmot's good deeds never end on September 12, 2015. 800 teams of 3,200 good performers gathered in the Juyongguan Great Wall in Changping, Beijing. They set out to challenge 50KM or 100KM in batches and use footsteps to measure love! As of September 13th, at 17:43, the last 100-km team reached the end, and the 2015 good deeds came to an end! A total of 2,398 people completed the challenge, 50 teams and 506 teams and 1812 people completed the challenge; 177 teams and 586 people completed the challenge in 100 kilometers. The 2015 good walkers have come to a close, but Marmot's good deeds never come to an end. Marmot will continue to focus on the good deeds, develop his abilities, actively participate in various social charity activities, and pass the concept of “Marmot for life” to everyone around them. We firmly believe that "every step will bring about change".

The 2015 Yichun International Forest Marathon will formally start on the 27th of this month. With the theme of "Running in the landscape and coming to deep breath with Yichun," this time, we will hand-in-hand the Cloud Fox mobile phone to create the most beautiful and dynamic one in China. Marathon event. So, what kind of scenery dare to call "the most beautiful marathon in China"? Xiao Bian got the race route from the organizer and let us see it together.

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