Bottle cap tightness and ease of balance

When it comes to bottle caps, many of us, including our peers, think that there is nothing to write and nothing to write. There is nothing simpler than this. However, if you carefully understand it, it's not as easy as you would imagine. On the contrary, it is somewhat complicated beyond common sense.

In fact, the bottle cap's production design balances the tightness and ease of use of the product. The most basic function of a bottle cap is the sealing function. If there is no good sealing function, the health and safety of the product in the bottle cannot be guaranteed. Such bottle caps are unqualified products regardless of their functions. Sealing is the primary function for bottle caps. In addition, the ease of use is also crucial for a bottle cap. We all know that if the lid is opened during the opening process, it will be a very bad thing for the consumer experience of product packaging. For the sale of the product will have a great impact. Therefore, the convenience of use of caps is also crucial. However, the convenience and tightness of the bottle cap is a contradiction. We know that simple caps on the moon will naturally affect the closure of the caps. At the same time, the better the sealing performance, the harder to implement simple functions in terms of opening.

In short, for a bottle cap package, it is not easy to truly achieve the perfect balance between the seal and convenience of bottle caps.

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