The new blue sea of ​​the mattress market is “hard”

Excessively competitive soft mattress market
After more than 30 years of development, the size of China's mattress market will reach 100 billion, and it will continue to maintain rapid growth. China has become the world's second largest mattress market, and the mattress industry has become an important industry in the furniture industry. . According to incomplete statistics, there are about a thousand mattress companies in China, and about 20 professional mattress manufacturers with an annual production capacity of more than 200,000. Yimeishu mattress
However, the mattress industry also has the same common problems as other domestic industries, lacking innovation, serious homogenization, overcapacity, and extensive marketing. At present, most domestic mattress enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, although the total number is large, but the professional level is uneven. There are both professional mattress manufacturers, companies that mix mattresses, furniture, bedding, etc., as well as primary processing plants that do not have the ability to design products. The emergence of mass production enterprises and the influx of foreign brands have made the industry in a stage of transitional competition. There are big gaps in the scale, technology and capital, especially in brand promotion. The national mattress brand There are only a handful of industry leaders that have not yet appeared. The more puzzling phenomenon is that more than 90% of the competition's competition points on soft mattresses, and a horse stirs the spoon, which leads to fierce competition in the mattress market.
The embarrassment of the "soft" era, the new life of the "hard" era
With the rapid development of China's economy, the change of industrial environment, and the improvement of national quality, a group of leading companies like the Federation that are brave in innovation and at the forefront of the industry have realized the importance of market segmentation and effective selection of target markets. New market demand and new brand and marketing strategies to open up new market segments and find new blue oceans in the blank market.
The mattress is a very interesting product, it is a berth. Since the birth of China's first soft mattress, it has only contributed to a large and vast market for more than 30 years, and it has also contributed to the transformation of traditional Chinese wooden beds and the change of people's sleep patterns. . When it comes to mattresses, "soft" is generally used as a measure of comfort. Currently, Western-style soft mattress products have dominated the sleep market, but many people do not know that Western-style "soft" mattresses are not. Too suitable for the sleep of the Orientals. In addition to the great gap between the East and the West in terms of culture and consumption concepts, the physiological characteristics of the East and West ethnic groups themselves are very different. Western-style mattresses are suitable for Western ethnic sleep, while Oriental ethnic groups are more suitable for sleeping and comfortable hard beds. pad. At the same time, the selection of Western products is often limited by the region. The filling materials have always been based on industrial materials. China has a long history and rich products. There are high-quality raw materials such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolian, and Xinjiang cashmere, which are more suitable for the East. The need for nature, heaven and man to combine bedding.
The last word of the Federal Dreams mattress
Although the traditional sleep habits of the Chinese people have changed in the past, the bones still permeate the preference of being hard and lying and taking natural materials. According to Zhang Hongwei, general manager of the Federal Mattress Division, most of the current low-end mattress market is selling hard mattress products, but this kind of hard mattress is lacking in scientific and ergonomic understanding and design. Rough plagiarism, lack of quality, lack of comfort, although the lumbar spine has better support, but often not so comfortable, and even hurt some soft tissue. Soft mattresses are generally introduced and produced by high-end brands. At present, the soft mattresses that are popular on the market feel comfortable, but people can't afford the movements such as turning over and easily hurt the vertebrae. The theoretical research of Chinese medicine proves that a moderately comfortable hard bed is more beneficial to children's development and human sleep health. Children's bones are not fully formed during the developmental stage. Soft mattresses can cause bone deformation. Older sleeping soft mattresses can easily cause the spine to bend and deform. Soft mattresses can easily lead to turning over and getting up. The working class is sitting for a long time. Office or driving, is not suitable for sleeping soft mattresses, otherwise it may lead to cervical deformation and lumbar strain. According to some health magazines, this sub-health state is a common phenomenon in modern (modern decoration renderings) social populations, with more than 90% of every 100 people suffering from lumbar strain.
In response to this discovery, Federal Dreams discovered the potential "hard" mattress market demand from the "soft" opposite, with "hard" as the breakthrough, relying on its national enterprise technology center and CNAS national accredited laboratory, innovative research and development It has created a blank subcategory of “hard” mattresses, which is the first to enter, so as to get rid of the direct competition with “soft” mattresses and open up a new world in the soft furniture market. It also actively cooperates with the China Sleep Association to do a research on how to be "hard and comfortable", from data research, to testing, to clinical continuous and systematic research to create a comfortable hard mattress that is most suitable for Chinese people. Improve people's sleep quality from the source.
The famous management master Drucker said that the company has two basic functions, one is marketing and the other is innovation. Only by lasting innovation can we develop core technologies; only marketing innovation can lead the market. Along the way, the federal furniture group is developing with innovation. It can be said that the genes of innovation are deeply rooted in the federal corporate culture. The launch of the comfortable "hard" mattress of the Federal Dreams with a sense of oriental sleep has taken an innate advantage from the brand's placehold and the starting point of the product. It is believed that it will promote the development of the mattress industry and lead the new wave of the industry. Open up the new blue ocean in the mattress market.

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