Children's desk chair purchase

As an important part of the children's room, the desk must be strictly required when selecting. The material and safety factor should be considered in order to ensure that the child can learn healthily, efficiently and happily. Wumu Furniture http://?organization=840&MD=products&s=Wood Furniture Sharing

Safety is the first
Most of the children are “adventurers”. For them to buy desk chairs, safety is the first consideration. The desk chair's lines should be smooth and smooth, with round or curved edges, and smooth switches and delicate finishes. Keep your desks and chairs with sharp corners and hard, rough surfaces away from your child. In addition, it is best to shake a few times when purchasing, furniture that is loose in structure and feels rickety is not necessary.
Use materials to be environmentally friendly
Children's desk chairs are the same as children's furniture. They are rich in wood, wood-based panels, plastics, etc. These materials have their own characteristics, but they must be built on the premise of sturdiness and practicality. Specifically, it requires environmental protection and no odor. The surface coating should have the characteristics of no fading and scratching, and it is necessary to choose a desk chair that uses plastic veneers or other harmless paints, because children often come into contact with this. The point is very important.
Size selection science
Choosing children's desk chairs, you must also choose ergonomics, the size of the desk chair should be combined with the child's height, age and body shape, which is beneficial to their healthy growth. In general, the standard for children's desks is 1.1 to 1.2 meters long, 0.76 meters high and 0.55-0.6 meters wide. The standard for chairs is 0.4-0.44 meters, and the overall height is less than 0.8 meters, which basically meets the needs of school-age children. The need, of course, does not apply to preschool or college students.
If you don't want to change your child's desk frequently, then choose a height-adjustable lift-type children's desk so that you can adjust your child's growth at any time, so that every stage of their study is comfortable.
Color coordination
As part of the children's room, the choice of desk chair should match the room. 0-7 years old is the pinnacle of children's creativity development, and it is best to inspire their curiosity and attention with bold and bright colors. Excessively deep furniture or old, lacking color furniture is best not used.
Scientific research shows that children with a more introverted and weaker character should use furniture with strong contrasting colors; children with more violent personality should use furniture with soft lines and elegant colors. However, if you choose an adjustable children's desk chair, it is best to choose a lighter color, because it is better to spend a lot of years with your child.
Modeling with function
If you simply choose a children's desk chair, don't choose a style that is too fancy. On the one hand, it is easy to be outdated, and it is easy to distract your children's attention so that they can't concentrate on learning. Or choose a simple shape, more functional and better. Of course, if parents feel that there is a lack of change, it is best to use color and soft clothes to break the dull.

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