And the beautiful European series wardrobe Xuan Shangjin overall wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] With the popularity of the European style overall wardrobe in recent years, romantic freedom, warmth and brightness, it is also favored by more and more people, and the European-style Xuan Shangjin wardrobe is the leader of its European style series. The well-regulated design, coupled with the stylish mysterious gold, "the rules are not so dull; simple but elegant."

The following is the detailed processing of the European Xuan Shangjin overall wardrobe.

Details one: European Xuan Shangjin overall wardrobe, the interior design is made of metal material rack, metal material, can be placed clothes will not be damp, can also increase its service life, can be described as "one arrow double carving" Chinese good ideas!

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Detail 2: European-style Xuan Shangjin overall wardrobe, the quality of its hinges is absolutely excellent, and the hinges of Meijia, there are embedded parts in the gap between the wood and the board, will not cause long-term use will make the gap become larger, affecting the use; and the hinge The number of opening and closing times is 25,000, and there is no fear of its service life.

And beautiful European wardrobe design

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Folder is specially used to hold the whole page of documents, the main purpose is to better save files, make it neat and regular.Folders are tools for storing, protecting and managing paper documents.Materials include PP, PVC, cardboard;There are parts of imitation leather, cloth and so on.
There are many kinds of folder categories: including single strong folder, double strong folder, information booklet, two inch folder, three inch folder, different specifications of double open folder, single folder (also known as l-type folder), multi-page folder.

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