3D printing brain tissue: a major breakthrough in the medical profession

3D printed human organs or tissue models are playing an important role in various surgical procedures. It not only allows the patient to understand what is going to happen, but also allows the doctor to visually see the details of the surgical target and develop a surgical plan in advance. Recently, another similar application appeared at Boston Children's Hospital.

According to the OFweek3D printing network, the surgeons at Children's Hospital faced a tough situation this time, and they had to perform surgery on four children with cerebrovascular malformations. Because children's deep blood vessels have a unique anatomical structure, surgery is very difficult. However, thanks to the brain tissue model of 3D printing, doctors can clearly see the high-reduction brain tissue structure, and have sufficient time to develop surgical plans and practical exercises. This ultimately made the surgery a success.

The youngest sick child was only 2 months old, and unfortunately replaced the Galen vein. This is a malformed lesion of the blood vessels of the brain, that is, the artery that should be connected to the capillaries is connected to the vein. Treating this disease requires special techniques to seal the blood vessels from the inside.

“Even for experts who are very good at inferring patient conditions through X-rays, the actual 3D model is very different,” says Darren Orbach, director of the neuroradiology department at the hospital. “Using a 3D printed model, We can perform surgical training on the 3D level, which was previously impossible."

Doctors used NMR and MR imaging techniques to obtain the data needed for modeling. Then use the 3d printer to make a physical model of the required part. By measurement, the model's similarity to real brain tissue reached a staggering 98%.

The other three patients were the oldest, 16 years old, and all had arteriovenous malformations. All surgeries were very successful and time-consuming was at least 12% (30 minutes) less than normal. This time sounds short, but it is very long for children in surgery. Because the amount of anesthesia will have a certain impact on the body, even if it can reduce the time of 1 minute is good.

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