Explain the trend of the UV aging test box, which one do you want to grab?

The above small and medium series explains the current popular marketing trends in the UV aging test chamber industry. Let's take a look at the following:

Second, in terms of social responsibility, when a company obtains better development through society, it is also appropriate to return to society in a timely manner. Some ultraviolet aging test chamber enterprises can not only achieve gratitude feedback but also establish themselves for themselves. Good brand image. The biggest change in the Chinese consumer market is the change in consumers from “need” to “must”. Traditional marketing has always regarded “demand” as the research object. In fact, most of the consumers’ demand for supply is now surplus. Consumers have changed from “I need” to “I want”, and pay attention to the public. “Historical card” is a kind of innovative innovation that promotes national brands.

Jobs once said: "I will always look for the next key opportunity. But the way the world works requires you to invest a lot of resources, including capital and design talent. I don't know what the next big change will be, but I There are some ideas." The author feels the same. Faced with a large and mature consumer community in the Chinese market, if we can seize one or more of the many consumer trends, we can ensure that we are in an invincible position in the future UV aging test chamber market.

阐述紫外线老化试验箱流行趋势 你想抓住哪一个 下

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