Solid wood wardrobe vs panel wardrobe, noble fashion, who do you prefer?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When you go to the market to buy a wardrobe , you will consider the health and durability as well as the style design. The solid wood wardrobe is obviously weaker in design. Although the panel wardrobe is fashionable and novel, it has insufficient environmental protection and durability. It's hard to choose between the two. Which wardrobe to choose? Let's take a look at the definitions and advantages of the wardrobe, so that you can further define your goals.

Solid wood wardrobe

Environmentally friendly solid wood wardrobe

A solid wood wardrobe refers to a wardrobe made of natural wood. The surface of such a wardrobe can generally see the beautiful pattern of wood. Wardrobe manufacturers generally pay attention to finishing varnish or matt lacquer for solid wood wardrobes to express the natural color of wood.

The solid wood wardrobe is divided into pure solid wood wardrobe and imitation wood wardrobe. All the solid wood wardrobes are all solid wood, including the table top. The door panels and side panels of the wardrobe are made of pure solid wood, and no other form is used. Wood-based panels. Generally, pure solid wood wardrobes have high requirements on craftsmanship and materials, and the requirements for material selection, drying, finger jointing and seaming of solid wood are also very strict. If there is a process that is not tightly controlled, if there is a small crack, the joint is loose, and the whole set of wardrobes will be deformed, so that it cannot be used.

The so-called imitation wood wardrobe, from the appearance of the solid wood wardrobe, the natural texture, feel and color of the wood are exactly the same as the solid wood wardrobe, but in fact it is a wardrobe mixed with solid wood and wood-based panels.

Plate wardrobe

Slab wardrobe design

The panel wardrobe refers to a wardrobe made of medium-density fiberboard or particleboard for surface veneering. A large part of this wardrobe is a wood grain simulation wardrobe. The veneer of some panel wardrobes currently on the market is more and more realistic, and the gloss and feel are good. For those crafted panel wardrobes, the price of the products is also very expensive.

Pet Dog Diaper

Pet Dog Diaper Feature
Breathing diapers
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Pet Dog Diaper

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