How do people use their eyes to judge the quality of coal?

The quality of coal is not determined by the quality of coal, vermiculite, sulfur and water. First of all, the judgment of coal quality should start from strength and hardness; vermiculite, classified by flake and granular, divided by color depth; sulfur, with high, medium and low difference; moisture, with 5% as the boundary.

Now, it is about 6000 tons of sulphur-free pulverized coal with a sulfur content of 1 or less and 3 cm or less. Of course, if there is any discrepancy, please don't laugh. If there is a better way, please don't be embarrassed.
sampling. Personally, the sampling of coal piles should not be less than 20 points. The depth of each point is not less than 50 cm, and the sample taken at the end is not less than 5 kg.
Grab a hand and squeeze it hard. Generally, the strength, the better the hardness, the better the quality of coal.
Grab a hand, spread it in the palm of your hand, look carefully, if there is a meteorite, and the meteorite is granulated. First look at the meteorites larger than 1 cm, there are several. If there are more than 3, there is no 6000 for fever. If there is no big one, look at a few stones with less than 1 cm. If there are more than 7, there are no 6000. If the meteorite is flaky, don't look, there is no 6000. The darker the color of the vermiculite, the higher the sulfur content, and vice versa.
Sulfur is mainly seen by the copper wires in the coal block and the individual copper crystals. The sulfur content below 0.5 is not obvious sulfur. 0. 50. 7, there are 1 to 2 wire copper wire or a small section of dark sulfur on the coal block. 0. 70.99, there are three wires below the copper wire or less than 2 bars of dark sulfur. 11. 5, there are obvious copper wires, copper crystals or 3 to 4 dark sulfur. 1.5-2, there are obvious copper crystals, a single copper crystal appears, dark sulfur is not less than 5 knots. 2-3 has obvious large copper crystals.
Generally, coal is divided into high 2 or more, medium 1-2, and low 1 or less. How to distinguish easily. I personally summed up a few simple ways. Grab a handful of coal, pinch it a few times, throw it away, look at the residual coal powder on your hand, and then lick it a few times. The darker the color, the higher the sulfur. Black is shiny, not to mention high-sulfur coal, tile gray, light color, is medium sulfur. The color 搓 does not change, it is 1 or less, and the lower the sulfur, the less coal powder remains on the hand. Grab a lot, rinse it out, face the sun, you will see the rainbow, the more beautiful and beautiful the rainbow. The higher the sulfur content, the lower the opposite. Grab a hand, throw it in the burning fire, and quickly stretch your head. Below 0.5, there is basically no taste, low 0. 51 does not have much taste, 1-2, has a sultry taste, high sulfur, awkward. . . . . . .
The identification of moisture, grab a hand, pinch it, and naturally loosen it. If the coal in the palm of your hand spreads naturally and leaks from the gap of your finger, there is no obvious moist feeling. This moisture should be 5%. If the coal has sputum, but no more than 1/3, it should be 6%, more than 2/3 is 7%, there are fingerprints on the coal gangue, 8%, there are 9% water drops. . . .
The amount of water is very important. Although it has no effect on the medium in a short time, it takes a long time, especially the calorific value, which has a very big impact.

Of course, people can't compare with machines. However, if you get the difference between fever and sulfur and test by the naked eye within 200 calories and 0.4 sulfur, coal should not be lost.


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