Product Name: Mini Thermostatic Oscillator TS-100C

Instrument characteristics

1. It integrates a constant temperature incubator and an oscillator, which saves space, occupies a small area, and has more functions and less investment.

2. The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic, and the cavity is a full mirror stainless steel component, which will never rust.

3. Inclined user-friendly control panel, large-screen backlit LCD display, more good visual effects.

4. There is a memory function of operating parameters to avoid cumbersome operations and password lock, to prevent human error.

5. There is a call recovery function, which is not affected by the power interruption. The device can automatically resume operation according to the original setting procedure.

6. When the measured temperature deviates from the set temperature by more than 3 ℃, the heating will be automatically stopped and an audible and visual alarm will be issued.

7.It has a strong and fast refrigeration system, which can realize the cooling requirement instantly and has an automatic frost function.

8. The most advanced high torque motor guarantees continuous work without maintenance.

9. Silent design of the whole machine, electrostatic spray plastic box, large window of tempered glass, luxurious and beautiful shape.

10. The heating rate can be accelerated or slowed down according to the specific requirements of the experiment

Horizontal touch machine

Simply , It is the wall-mounted advertising machine plus the base, using electronic ultra-white tempered glass, the transmittance is 95%, the interactive color is beautiful, the picture quality is fine, the space is 3D surround sound, and the full -function simple remote control operation is widely used. Wedding, hotel, dining, night club, etc.


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