Several common methods for preservation of strains

1. Subculture culture preservation method: there are bevel culture, puncture culture, blister culture, etc. (the latter is used for the preservation of anaerobic bacteria), and it is stored in the refrigerator at 4-6 ℃ after culture. 2. Liquid paraffin-covered preservation method: It is a subculture method of subculture, which can prolong the preservation time properly. It is covered with sterilized liquid paraffin on the slant culture and puncture culture. Bacterial species death, on the other hand, can prevent the entry of oxygen to weaken the metabolic effect. 3. Carrier preservation method: It is a preservation method that adsorbs microorganisms on appropriate carriers, such as soil, sand, silica gel, and filter paper, and then performs drying. For example, the sand preservation method and the filter paper preservation method are widely used. 4. Host preservation method: It is used for microorganisms that can not grow on artificial medium, such as viruses, rickettsiae, spirochetes, etc., they must be infected and passaged in living animals, insects, chicken embryos It is equivalent to the subculture and preservation method of general microorganisms. Microorganisms such as viruses can also be preserved by other methods such as liquid nitrogen preservation and freeze-dry preservation. 5. Freezing preservation method: It can be divided into preservation methods such as low temperature refrigerator (-20-30 ° C, -50-80 ° C), quick freezing of dry ice alcohol (about -70 ° C) and liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C). 6. Freeze drying preservation method: First, the microorganisms are quickly frozen at a very low temperature (about -70 ° C), and then the water is removed by sublimation under vacuum (vacuum drying).

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