Analysis and Treatment of Three Cases of Common Trouble Shooting of Desktop Centrifuge

Three Cases of Common Trouble Shooting for Desktop Centrifuge

Example 1. The motor speed becomes slower and the brush emits a large spark

Analysis and maintenance: This fault is caused by dirt between the carbon brush of the motor and the commutator or the spring force of the carbon brush spring is reduced, resulting in poor contact between the carbon brush and the commutator. Disassemble the machine, unscrew the cover of the brush box, and take out the carbon brush with spring. First clean the dirt on the spring, carbon brush and commutator with absolute alcohol. If the front end of the carbon brush breaks, you can use a mixed file Sandpaper grinds the broken part of the carbon brush into a smooth arc-shaped contact surface, making it fit well with the round commutator. Then increase the spring force appropriately. After the above treatment, the fault can generally be eliminated.

Example 2. When the tabletop centrifuge is working, it makes a loud vibration noise

Analysis and maintenance: The reasons and solutions for the vibration and noise caused by the centrifuge are:

(1) The mechanical parts and fasteners such as the fixed turntable screw on the upper end of the rotating shaft or the damping spring fixing screw on the machine base are loose, as long as they are tightened again.

(2) The motor shaft is bent or the bearing is worn. If the rotating shaft of the motor is bent, it can be solved by repairing and correcting, and it should be replaced when it is serious; if the bearing wears, the gap increases, you can add a gasket on the rotating shaft to solve it.

(3) The elasticity of the three shock-absorbing springs on the frame becomes small or broken, which makes the turntable shake more when it rotates. Just replace the shock absorber spring.

(4) The outer cover is deformed or the position is incorrect. As long as the cover is repaired, adjusted and corrected, the cover can be fixed

(5) There are foreign objects such as broken glass in the test tube sleeve, which makes the load unbalanced. Before each use, check whether there are other foreign objects in each test tube cover. If there are any foreign objects, they must be removed before use.

(6) The test tube set does not match the machine. The test tube cover is specially matched by the manufacturer for the machine. The test tube cover of different models of centrifuges cannot be replaced at will. Otherwise, vibration noise will be generated when the centrifuge is working.

Example 2. When the power is turned on, the motor does not rotate

Analysis and overhaul: During overhaul, first observe whether the work indicator light is on. If it is not lit, the cause of the fault is generally a broken circuit in the primary coil of the power transformer Bl, except for the defective input circuits such as the power cord and power switch K1. If B1 is a non-burnt open circuit, you can use a multimeter to measure the opening and closing of each tap in turn to find the open circuit (open circuit point), as long as the open circuit point is re-welded. If B1 is a burnout circuit, it should be rewound or replaced. If the working indicator light is on, you should check whether the speed switch K2, timer, motor, etc. are damaged in sequence. First measure whether there is 220V voltage at both ends of the motor; if not, the timer and K2 are disconnected. For the inspection of K2, a knife can be used to scrape off the oxide on the contact surface. Then adjust the initial position of the correction contact shrapnel to make good contact. For the inspection of the timer, the timer can be removed, disassembled, and its contacts can be cleaned, adjusted and corrected. If the mainspring or cam is damaged, the timer should be replaced: If there is 220V voltage across the motor, then The motor is defective. Listen to the motor for "buzzing" sound. If yes, the motor stator and rotor are stuck by foreign objects. Just disassemble the motor and remove the foreign objects between the rotor and stator; if there is no "buzzing" sound, then yes The winding is broken, you can rewind or replace it with a new motor.

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