Campus Intelligent Addressable FM Broadcast System Solution

Campus Intelligent Addressable FM Broadcast System Solution
1. Customer needs

Our school is a provincial-level key high school with a total of 3 grades and 60 classrooms (60 square meters / class) of a teaching building (three floors). Our school has been a college entrance examination school for many years. With the further improvement of the national quality requirements for education, the original fixed-pressure broadcasting system of our school has been unable to meet the needs of actual English listening examinations, learning and training, so I want to build a new type of intelligent FM broadcasting. System to meet the needs of teaching and examination in the new era.

Specific requirements:

1. Beautiful sound quality and fidelity: Stereo speakers are required to ensure clear, beautiful listening, examination and music playback)

2. Intelligent control: The host is required to automatically switch on and off every day to achieve music ringtones, regular eye exercises, broadcast gymnastics, and English listening training broadcasts for self-study in the morning and evening.

3. It is possible to broadcast to a certain class separately: because listening classes are usually required, the system is required to regularly or arbitrarily carry out listening training or broadcasting to a class without affecting other classes)

4. Different classes can listen to different programs at the same time. (Because listening classes are mostly played in the early self-study or late self-study time, so you will encounter several classes at the same time, but the listening content is different, so the system requires that different classes can listen to different programs at the same time)

5. Different content can be played simultaneously for different grades.

6. The system is required to play 6 sets of digital programs and 2 sets of analog programs at the same time. Each classroom can choose to listen to the programs they need.

7. The broadcast is required to have an emergency insertion function. (In case of emergencies: such as important notices, headmaster speeches, alarm announcements. You can end the automatic play at any time and enter the emergency broadcast)

2. Demand analysis and plan design

This school is a key middle school. The function of intelligent broadcasting mainly focuses on foreign language examinations and listening training. After investigation and analysis, the intelligent FM broadcast program we designed for our customers is as follows:

1. The entire broadcasting system is designed as an intelligent addressable FM broadcasting system. According to the requirements of the school for the simultaneous broadcast of 8 sets of programs, the classroom design adopts the FM broadcast method. The system can play more than 60 sets of programs at the same time. When the school wants to expand the programs that are played at the same time, there is no need to rewire, just add front-end equipment Therefore, the FM broadcasting system is adopted, and the front-end program source is easy to expand, which can meet the increasing voice teaching needs of the school. At the same time, more than 60 sets of programs can be received in the classroom at the same time, and each class can choose to listen to different programs as needed.

2. This system requires 8 sets of program sources. We design 6 sets of digital audio sources and 2 sets of analog audio sources. Each audio source needs to be equipped with an audio modulator, so this system needs to be equipped with 8 audio modulators.

3. Install a GMTD-FM addressable FM speaker in each classroom to meet the school's foreign language exam and listening training. The GMTD-FM addressable FM speaker is equipped with a remote control and LED liquid crystal display bar (displaying the frequency of listening), and each class can choose to listen to different programs through the remote control.

4. The GMTD-2000 intelligent broadcast automatic broadcast control system is installed in the control room. The main control system uses a multi-channel digital broadcast control host. The system can simultaneously output 6 digital programs and 2 analog programs.

5. Through the setting of the main control software, all the classrooms can be grouped in any zone, and the unified or different playback time can be set. Reach different grades or classes to play different content.

If you encounter an emergency, you need to temporarily broadcast. The main control room can immediately end the automatic broadcast and broadcast an emergency broadcast.

3. Main functions of the system
Multi-channel stereo playback
The system can provide up to more than 60 sets of stereo broadcast programs (87MHz-108MHz). Multiple sets of radio programs can be built according to needs. Each listening point can also listen to different programs according to different needs, fully satisfying the school's voice teaching and English listening tests Demand, and various needs of campus broadcasting.
Authorization management
The main control system adopts computer control, visual operation interface, intuitive control interface, easy operation, and authorized management of classroom speakers through the operation platform of the central control room.
Power management
The central control room can control the power system of FM speakers in a classroom or all classrooms through the automatic playback host to ensure that the speakers are in standby when there is no broadcast, to avoid crosstalk from external signals and affect normal teaching.
Common cable transmission
The system uses radio frequency transmission technology and the closed-circuit television system to share the cable transmission, saving network investment.
Directional broadcast, zone broadcast
The system can realize the directional broadcast function according to the needs of users, broadcast to one or several classrooms, or partition and group broadcast for a certain grade and the whole school.
Autoplay function
The automatic play software can set the play content, pre-arrange the play schedule, realize automatic play, and can store, modify, edit the play list, and set various play identifiers by themselves.
Audio insertion function
The system cooperates with the NES2000 audio inserter to realize the audio insertion function. Consistent listening to radio programs in the classroom at the school-wide conference or unified examination.
Full channel reception
The addressable FM speaker has a full-channel reception function and can receive up to more than 60 sets of broadcast programs. The system has strong scalability. When the system wants to add broadcast programs, only the front-end equipment needs to be added.
Remote control function
The addressable FM speaker can be searched through the remote control to store and delete channels. Use the remote control to control channel addition and subtraction, and volume up and down. You can also directly input the receiving frequency to select the channel through the remote control.
FM frequency display
The addressable FM speaker is equipped with 3 LED digital tubes, which can display the frequency of the current receiving channel.
System equipment list
Main control system
GMTD-2000 broadcast playback control host, communication control card, automatic playback software, control software, 6 channel professional sound card, industrial control chassis
Audio modulator
United States PBI-3000FM
United States PBI-4016C
Broadcast cabinet
1.8 meters, 19 "steel
Used for speaking and broadcasting
GM8601A (for microphone speaking)
Audio program source
Deck, CD player, DVD player, AM / FM tuner, etc., users can choose according to actual needs
Addressable FM speaker
GMTD-FM (full channel reception, remote control, LED liquid crystal display)
Cable and wire
Network cables, power cables, RF cables, connectors, etc.
UPS power supply
5000VA can be delayed for 30 minutes
System topology



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