Special printing technology

1. Paper security

Paper is the material basis for printing various securities. Some special papers made with special processes basically have anti-counterfeiting features. The anti-counterfeiting technologies used in special papers are mainly:

1. Watermark paper

In the manufacturing process of watermark paper, you can use technical means to make the required logos, patterns, etc. into the paper. These patterns are usually not easy to see, and they can only be seen against the strong light. They are recognized by anti-counterfeiting experts from all over the world. An effective anti-counterfeiting technology, most countries' banknotes, important international documents, facility drawings and various tickets are also printed with watermark paper. In addition to being used in currency paper, watermarks have also been widely used in other ticket papers. There are fixed, unfixed and semi-fixed positions of the watermark on the paper. In the manufacturing process, it integrates complex technological processes such as design, sculpture, net making, paper making, etc., so it often makes counterfeiters counterfeit. Checking the watermark is also one of the most effective means of identifying true and false.

2. Safety line

The safety thread refers to placing a gold thread or plastic thread in the middle of the paper during the papermaking process. The earliest use of safety wire is a special gold wire, and now the use of plastic wire has developed into a variety of, such as micro letter safety wire, fluorescent safety wire and so on. The shape of its safety line is straight, wavy, zigzag, etc.

3. Red and blue fiber silk or colored dots

In the papermaking process, red and blue fibers or colored pieces (dots) are mixed into the pulp, or scattered on the surface of the paper before the paper is not shaped, and there is fluorescence reflection under ultraviolet irradiation. There are two types of red and blue fiber filaments and colored dots in the paper: fixed position and unfixed position.

4. Copy paper

After this kind of paper is copied, the words "copy" and "invalid" will appear, which can effectively prevent color copying of important documents. Another type of full-absorption copy-proof paper has a blue or brown-red appearance, and the pictures and text on the paper can only be seen through light, and its copy is dark.

5. Non-fluorescent special paper

Generally, the paper shows fluorescence under ultraviolet irradiation. Therefore, banknote printing paper and some securities or bills use non-fluorescent special paper for anti-counterfeiting. For example, the paper bases of various countries' banknotes, passports, and some tickets have no fluorescence, which makes it easier to reveal fluorescent graphics with additional secrets.

Second, the book printing technology

For example, multi-color cross-printing, multi-color cross-printing is also called cross-color printing or rainbow printing. It is usually printed by a letterpress printing machine. It is based on the requirements of the printed product. Put inks of various hues. Under the serial action of the inking roller, the ink in the adjacent parts is mixed and then transferred to the printing plate. Using this printing process, you can print multiple colors at once, and the middle transition is soft. Since it is difficult to see the placement distance of the ink tank partition from the printed product, it can also play a certain role in anti-counterfeiting. If this process is used for large-area shading printing, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be more prominent.

3. Anti-counterfeit ink

1. UV fluorescent ink

A special ink that emits visible light under ultraviolet light.

2. Sunlight-induced anti-counterfeiting ink

Anti-counterfeit printing ink that can emit visible light under sunlight. The color changing effect can be changed from colorless to purple, blue, yellow and other colors, and can also be designed to change from colored to colorless.

3. Thermal anti-counterfeiting ink (also known as thermochromic anti-counterfeiting ink)

Under the action of heating, the ink can produce a color change effect. According to the different temperature required for discoloration, it can be divided into hand-temperature discoloration anti-counterfeiting ink and high-temperature discoloration anti-counterfeiting ink. According to the difference of color changing method, it can be divided into single color reversible, multi color irreversible and multi color irreversible thermosensitive anti-counterfeiting ink.

4. Reactive color ink

Various chemical substances added to the ink can undergo various chemical reactions under certain conditions, thereby changing the color of the ink and achieving the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. A part of heat-sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink, pressure-sensitive color-changing ink and humidity-sensitive color-changing ink are all color-changing inks.

5. Magnetic ink

It is a special ink made with magnetic iron oxide powder mixed into the ink. At this stage, it is mainly used to print magnetically encoded text and symbols of bank tickets, which has the effect of recording and storing information. Put the magnetic coded ticket into the magnetic code reader to identify the authenticity.

6. In addition to correction ink

If the corresponding part is altered, a certain password will appear. This ink is mainly used to print securities such as cheques, bills of exchange, and documents. If someone alters or eliminates the original denominations on the bills of exchange, the words "obsolete" will appear immediately.

4. Barcode anti-counterfeiting technology

Product barcode is a kind of product code, which is designed by human for the effective management of computers and other products. If we can reasonably use commodity technology, including a reasonable choice of barcode carrier, a reasonable choice of printing method and printing machine, a reasonable choice of printing location, etc., then it is possible to make commodity barcode technology have anti-counterfeiting effect.

The two-dimensional barcode has a strong anti-counterfeit property due to the larger amount of information, which is processed by computers and inkjet printers. There is also the application of parity check, which can be played by a formula, followed by a specific number in a continuous number, can also play a role in anti-counterfeiting.

5. Anti-counterfeit code identification and telephone identification system

The code anti-counterfeit identification and telephone identification system is to set up a random password on each product, and archive all records of all network-connected products in the anti-counterfeiting data center database, so that consumers can use telephones, computers and other tools to verify the correctness of the password to identify Product authenticity. This anti-counterfeiting technology is implemented on the same physical object to achieve a high degree of anti-counterfeiting.

6. Anti-counterfeiting of pattern design

Pattern design, also known as flower ball design, guilloche design, shading background design.

This is one of the oldest and oldest anti-counterfeiting technologies. Such background graphics can be seen on the banknotes, passports, and checks that are familiar to everyone.

The current security graphic design system is combined with computer technology, and can be designed according to the user's own style, designing a complete pattern background and related text with distinctive personalized features, such as flower balls, miniatures, miniatures, and anti-scanning images Text, copy-proof graphics, embossed patterns, etc. These pictures and texts are designed with lines and printed in spot colors, which can effectively prevent the separation of colors and photocopying after copying by traditional means such as electrical separation and photography, and play a significant role in anti-counterfeiting. This is exactly what criminals driven by profiteering do not like, so this kind of security graphic design is still widely used in the production of banknotes, checks, important national certificates, securities, etc.

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