Technical requirements of cluster library management software

Junbo library cluster software is our company follows the international library MARC format, Z39.5 and SIP protocol, strictly in accordance with the international library standards and the "education management informatization standards" formulated by the Ministry of Education, combined with the actual situation of libraries around In accordance with the operating habits of users, in accordance with the principle of "people-oriented", a set of universal library management software suitable for various libraries has been independently developed and designed.

2. Design objectives 1. It is required to use the B / S multi-layer architecture system based on WEB and Internet to realize the library business automation system. The client does not need to install library management software to reduce the workload of network administrators. Ensure the scalability of the system and the security and reliability of the distributed deployment and the scalability of the application. The system is highly portable and cross-platform. The system can run on popular software and hardware platforms, so that the deployment of Web application servers can meet the requirements of convenient and scalable management.

2. The system should provide an integrated solution to the business management and use of each branch. With bibliography as the center, it covers all business management links of modern libraries, including interviews, cataloging, collections, audiovisual, newspapers, reader management, circulation, and system management. It can realize multi-language and multi-type physical document description processing, including books, serial publications, CD-ROMs, maps and other mixed materials. Resources are shared among various branches, and they can be borrowed and returned. Support the import and export of various types of MARC records that comply with the ISO-2709 standard, and support full-screen editing and modification of MARC records.

3. The bibliographic information provided by the bookseller can be directly imported into the management software, automatically list the bibliographic information that is not in the library in this batch of bibliography and display it on the reader's WEB query page, allowing readers to buy their favorite books and improve the utilization rate of book purchase.

4. Document description method, cataloging document method has simple format and MARC format, and has the synchronous conversion of the two formats.

5. Circulation management is on the same interface, and all readers can borrow and return books without switching pages, reducing operation steps and maximizing work efficiency.

6. Each type of book can set the number of days to borrow and return books and the number of books, and each type of reader can set the maximum number of books and penalties.

7. Reader management is divided into two categories: teacher management and student management. The student management can be transferred, upgraded, and graduated. If the graduated class has student books that have not yet been returned, they cannot be graduated and the details of the books have not been returned.

8. The book is about to expire and has expired, you can automatically prompt and send an email to inform the reader.

9. The system can search for multi-condition fuzzy queries and after the results come out, the user can sort the fields according to his own requirements.

10. Book information query function can support the complex and simplified inspection of book information. That is, enter the simplified query, and the corresponding traditional Chinese related information in the query result will also appear in the result page.

11. The system provides flexible parameterized configuration functions and supports the localization and specialization of each library.

12. Has a reliable security mechanism and backup mechanism.

13. Management software passed the national software product registration certificate

The software uses pure B / S technology, and users can manage the library through the library cluster software at any endpoint through the Internet. This software is mainly divided into interviews, cataloging, collections, audiovisual, newspapers, readers management, circulation, and systems. Using B / S technology

The software uses pure B / S technology, and users can manage the library through the library cluster software at any endpoint through the Internet. This software is mainly divided into interviews, cataloging, collections, audiovisual, newspapers, readers management, circulation, and systems. Using B / S technology, users can query the library's bibliography, pre-loan and renew books through the Internet anywhere in the world.

According to the library's relevant regulations and actual needs, the software provides a large number of inquiries and statistical reports, which provides a strong guarantee for the library to grasp the book information and reader borrowing information in a timely and accurate manner.

4. Software features

★ Standardization: Strictly follow the MARC format, Z39.5 and SIP protocols of the International Library and the standards of the Fourth Edition of the Chinese Book Classification.

★ Flexible cataloging: users can use Internet resources to obtain corresponding cataloging data from some large library Z39.5 servers, thus making cataloging easy. In addition, simple cataloging and MARC cataloging are fully integrated, and the operation of MARC cataloging is simple and convenient.

★ Simple operation: data entry can be in MARC format or entry format, and the two formats can be freely converted. Users can also directly scan the book's article number (barcode), and the system will automatically convert it to an ISBN number, thereby avoiding incorrect input operations and reducing the burden on cataloging staff.

★ Intelligence is good: automatic checking (there are two methods for checking, one is checking by searching conditions, the other is checking the system automatically after the user enters the ISBN number); automatically generating the seed number; automatically generating the book Standard, self-defined book mark format; automatically generate publishing house and place of publication according to ISBN number.

★ Good openness: with open barcode card, magnetic card and IC card reader interface.

★ Rich reports: According to the actual needs of library work, more than 100 practical reports are provided.

★ WEB search: The system has high search efficiency, supports Chinese Simplified and Simplified Chinese general inspection, under a million-level bibliographic record, queries a single record in millisecond response; the average return time of query results exceeding 10,000 records is in millisecond level; ISBN search "7", the return time is in the order of milliseconds. The search results of the system support the sorting function according to the publication time, title and other fields, and after the results of the multi-condition fuzzy query, users can sort each field according to their own requirements.

Support online query, advance loan, renew loan and information release function.
Online inquiry: Readers can inquire the bibliography of each branch library online.
Online advance borrowing and renewal: After entering your borrowing card number and password, readers can learn about their own borrowing status and can self-renew and advance borrowing business without having to go to the library in person. The administrator can process readers' renewal and pre-loan requests online, and notify readers to borrow books at a specified time through E-mail.
Information release: Including the timely release of information such as library news, expert recommendation, new book advance notice, book borrowing list and so on.

★ Good security: The system provides a variety of data backup and data restoration methods, the operation is simple and practical.

★ Inter-library loan, loan and return: The software combines the loan and return method with the circulation and processing of common document resources, and is built in a centralized mode. The system rules restrict the implementation of the whole region loan and return (pass loan and return) Logistics control at the same time) is the most effective and convenient way to solve the large circulation in the area. Readers can borrow books from various branches online, or return books at any branch, truly realizing inter-library loan and return, which maximizes the convenience of readers and improves book utilization.

★ Recommended by readers: Readers can recommend good books in their minds for reference when purchasing libraries, so that they can give full play to the initiative of readers, actively participate in the construction of collections, make library collections more reasonable and close to readers' needs

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