Replacement of the inverter of Gaobao machine

The inverter for controlling the ink fountain roller motor of the offset printing machine COMET68209000 of the German KBA company is MICROMASTERVector6SE3212-1BA40. Because it has been frequently used for more than 8 years, other damage is inevitable. Since this kind of frequency converter has been discontinued, it takes about 30,000 to order the original type frequency converter from German KBA. Now the new alternative model MICROMASTERVector6SE4400-1BA40 is only a few thousand dollars. However, the new type of inverter is different from the original model regardless of the fixing method, wiring method, and parameter method.

The fixing method is relatively easy to solve, just replace the mounting method of the fixing screw.

The wiring method does not change much, but it is very critical. If you do not make changes and reorganization, it will directly cause the new inverter to not work properly. The wiring method of the original inverter is as follows:

Among them, the enable signal (6) and reset signal (5) of the inverter are directly connected to the digital output terminal (24V) of the PLC. The original inverter action signal voltage is 15V and can work normally. If this connection method is directly moved to the new type of inverter, it will cause disturbance of action. The operating voltage of the new inverter is 24V. The reference 0V of the PLC and the reference 0V of the new inverter are different. In general, the 24V signal output by the PLC cannot be accurately Make the inverter work. There are two solutions: 1. Short-circuit the reference 0V terminal (28) of the new inverter with the reference 0V terminal (-1L-) of the PLC, and force the two to be unified. This method is simple, but if there is a fault in the inverter that causes a reference 0V problem, it may affect the entire PLC system. 2. Use the PLC output signal to drive two 24V small relays for UV printing as shown in the figure below, and then use the new inverter's own 24V (terminal 9) to provide an action signal for the new inverter through the normally open contact of the relay. The transformation of the wiring is not troublesome. In this case, the 24V signals of the PLC and the inverter are completely independent, without disturbing the color separation, and there is no hidden danger. I personally recommend the second method. The original inverter can also use this wiring method, which is more reasonable.

The parameter setting of the new inverter is relatively large, so you need to study the instructions carefully. The original model inverter only needs to set the following parameters:

The parameter setting process of the new model inverter is relatively complicated, and auto-tuning must be done first. The process is as follows:

It should be noted that when doing auto-tuning and quick commissioning, P0700 must be set to 1, and the inverter operation panel is used to give the start signal. Because the functions of DIN1 and DIN2 cannot be set during the auto-tuning process, only the default function can be used, but our wiring method does not match the default function, so we cannot directly use the ink fountain roller motor running signal of the machine.

After auto-tuning and slitting, the following parameters need to be modified (see the instruction manual for details): P640 = 120 (overload factor of the motor), P0700 = 2 (select command source: input from the terminal block), P0701 = 9 (digital Input 1 function: fault confirmation), P0702 = 1 (function of digital input 2: turn-on operation, stop command), P0731 = 52.1 (function of digital output 1: inverter ready for operation) EFI, P1082 = 90 (maximum frequency ), P2000 = 89 (reference frequency). After setting the parameters, it should be able to run normally. After the test machine is successful, the operation panel can be removed for the next debugging.

After replacing the new inverter, the packaging is anti-counterfeiting, and it has been used normally. KBA machines with 2 towers have 16 such inverters, and there are many identical KBA machines across the country. If a new type of inverter is used when replacing the inverter, the saving space will be large.

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