2012 lucky feng shui 7 steps

I don’t want to have a good luck in the Year of the Dragon in 2012. If you want to have a good luck in the Year of the Dragon, don’t take a look at the following seven steps to bring you good luck.

[step1 Wangcai Home Primary Conditions]

A sunny room

2012 feng shui robbed the sun in the sun

Sunlight can shine into the room to bring auspiciousness, and the auspiciousness of the air here is maintained in people's health. In Feng Shui, the sun represents the human being, and the population is healthy enough to "finance". Therefore, it is not advisable to use curtains with too thick fabrics in the home, because this will block the sunlight and block the auspicious glory; of course, it should not be too thin, otherwise it will form a light.

B Indoor air should flow smoothly

2012 feng shui rushed to catch the prophet, indoor air should flow smoothly

In Feng Shui, the airflow represents the operation of the fortune, and the indoor air must be smoothly circulated in order to be prosperous. Generally speaking, after opening the window, the wind blown into the house from the outside should not be too large, and the gentle gentle wind should be the best; in short, the indoor airflow is best for warm winter and cool summer. For example, the layout of this bedroom is in line with this requirement. The open design allows the fresh air outside to flow naturally, which fully guarantees the air circulation of the living room.

C bedroom size is appropriate

2012 feng shui robbing the prophet bedroom size is appropriate

The depth of the house affects the gathering of gas. The shape and depth of the house directly affects the thickness of the house and the problem of gas accumulation. A deep house is easy to gather gas and is not easy to disperse, so its airflow will be relatively stable.

Through years of practice, Xiaobian concluded that the bedroom design is about 15 square meters, not more than 20 square meters. A bedroom of this size is most beneficial to the owner's fortune.

6 taboos, 9 rules, bedroom, Feng Shui, transshipment

"Feng Shui three main door main stove", that is to say, home Feng Shui, the door, the master bedroom, the kitchen, is the most important three places in the home feng shui, the feng shui of Wang Cai, naturally and these three important positions are inseparable. And according to the experience of Feng Shui experts, the impact of these three positions on the house fortune is absolutely crucial.

[step2 home Feng Shui to create auspicious Wangcai door articles]

Home Feng Shui to create auspicious Wangcaimen

The door is as important as the throat of a person. Because this is the way to go in and out of the home, whether it is objects, airflow, or every member of the family, guests, must pass.

Feng Shui theory says that the door is the most important gas port in the family. Whether it is career transportation, wealth transportation, emotional transportation or health transportation, it is closely related to this door.

This shows the importance of the entry door to our home life, you may wish to use the following methods to operate.

A door to the house, couplet, blessing

2012, Feng Shui, the prophet, the door, the couplet, the blessing

Every year, the Spring Festival couplets and blessings are our traditional customs. These are the meanings of luck, lucky luck, good luck, good luck and luck; Very good feng shui effect.

B pedaling five emperors, wealth has come to

2012 lucky feng shui to grab the prophet foot five emperor money

Putting five emperors under the door mat of the entrance door can play a role in prospering and relieving disasters.

The inner circle of the copper coins, the outer circle represents the heavens, the inner representative places, the middle emperor's number representative, the "celestial, local, and human" three talents, thus having the energy to turn the tide; the five emperors were the five times of the Qing Dynasty Emperor: Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiajing, these five emperors are in the most powerful era of China's national strength, the national economy is prosperous, the society is prosperous, the emperor is the only one, and the circulation is long, and the spirit of "the heavens, the earth, the people" is the essence. It can be used in towns and houses, and it has the function of prosperous wealth.

C porch layout

2012 lucky feng shui grabs the prophetic porch layout

Inside the door is a place to be neglected, and the entrance to the entrance is a place where the wind gathers. This is also used to resolve the shackles of the door, where you can resolve all the ominous atmosphere brought by the door.

If the door is opened straight to the window, this pattern is called “wearing the temple” in Feng Shui. It is easy to keep money and can't stay, so you can put a screen, landscaping potted plants, or hanging curtains. The land blocks the money that is constantly flowing out.

D Keep the entry opening clean

2012 feng shui rushed to catch the prophet to keep the entry port clean

Do not put any debris or garbage at the door to avoid affecting the wealth. Reasonable storage is especially important. It is a good way to sort out the shoes and clothes that are commonly used in this way.

E Shoe cabinet feng shui is particular about

2012 feng shui robbing the prophet Shoe cabinet feng shui is particular about

(1) Do not exceed five floors of shoe cabinets, representing the coexistence of five elements.

(2) Shoe cabinets are not allowed to go straight to the entrance of the gate. This will make it difficult for people in the house to get sick or suffer from illness.

(3) Shoes should be placed at the door and should not be placed elsewhere in the house.

(4) The door of the shoe can not face the house.

[step3 master bedroom Wangcai Feng Shui articles]

2012 lucky Feng Shui grabs the prophet master bedroom Wangcai Feng Shui articles

In addition to the above mentioned size of the bedroom is reasonable, the bed in the master bedroom is also of great importance. The bed is the most important in the husband and wife room, and its feng shui is directly related to the feelings of the husband and wife. The good and bad feelings of the husband and wife will directly affect the wealth of the whole family. Regarding the bed, the following feng shui in the Feng Shui is a taboo:

(1) It is not advisable to press the top of the beam and there is a sign of oppression.

(2) It should not be too close to the window, and the wind is cold and easy to be shocked.

(3) It is not appropriate to face the mirror, and the reflection is not good.

(4) It is not appropriate to face the door, and the yang is easy to leak.

(5) The bedside taboo does not depend on the wall and loses the backing.

[step4 kitchen Wangcai cheats articles]

2012 feng shui robbed the prophet kitchen Wangcai cheats articles

The kitchen has a treasury in the feng shui, and the main wealth is in the palm of your hand. The location of the kitchen is better in the back half of the house, and it is easy to keep the wealth. The refrigerator in the kitchen and the place where the food is stored have the meaning of "treasure cone" in the home. Therefore, these places cannot be empty, and there are always foods. And the rear of the stove should not be empty, so as not to affect the fortune.

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