The broom house gathers money but the victim needs to pay attention

The broom (commonly known as) is narrow and wide, like a trapezoid. If the house is shaped like a ladder, it is a broom house. But the broom house must be opened on the narrow side, because it is getting bigger and bigger, that is, the wealth is huge, and the more it earns. But the broom house must not open the door on the wide side, this will be broken.

Home Feng Shui should pay attention: the broom house gathers wealth but hurts the Lord

I have seen no less than ten broom houses. One of the most impressive ones is on a certain hillside in Happy Valley. In retrospect, this house is not only a broom, but a narrow door. The strangest thing is Each house also presents a small bunker before the narrow bunk, which is a rare masterpiece of Feng Shui.

Home feng shui should pay attention

Although this house is extremely hairy, it has a major shortcoming. It is that the party has lost its vacancies. I am afraid that it is not a good marriage and a male owner. I have bought this house in 1986, but it is the "unfavorable male owner". , refused to give the owner a half-sell and half-sell price, and later repeatedly visited the old land, and found a strange phenomenon.

Home feng shui

This house is home to wealthy women, such as the female boss of a brand-name healthy fish ball, the new debut star and its mother, the red and purple, and the big-named female singer, but they have been alone... A rich man once lived here, but he died in the house. It is said that he was troubled by several wives during his lifetime and he was depressed in his later years.

On the upstairs of the old department store in Mong Kok, there are also some broom houses, but if you are lucky, you should also cooperate with your position. I have seen a real broom house in a rich mansion in Shenzhen. It is narrow and wide, and it will attract big fortune. But when you walk from the top to the bottom, you see a split road, from the west. Come, I am not screaming.

“Why?” the owner asked urgently.

"I used compass to correct, I saw that it should be 'Xin' to the 'salty', the main peach blossom, there is a back door in the south, and then step on the "post" 卦 ,, this house will be out of the red apricot The woman of the wall. I will tell the owner, but the owner still moved in, because he believes that making money is the most important, and other problems are secondary. After three years, I received a call from the owner and asked for The new house Kamchat Feng Shui, originally divorced 1 year ago!

"This house can make a lot of money, really!" The owner sighed sighingly. "But it really fulfilled the peach blossom." I am also embarrassed to say that the peach blossom is not the owner himself, but his wife.

The broom house is very lucky. It is Fuhui Tiancheng who lives in a trapezoidal house. I find that wearing a broom-shaped gem is also very lucky. One reader gambled and lost, but wore a broom pendant with a polished stone (a spotted stone) that broke the fate that must be lost. I calculated the character for her and told her to win at 9-11 in the evening to win. Unfortunately, she is a housewife who can only play in the afternoon - the time when her children go to school. As a result, on a weekend, she made a come out at the time I specified, plus the sweeping stone, and it was a great victory.

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