New Year does not forget to protect the liver 6 big coups have face all year round

In 2012, I was unknowingly coming. In this year of "curse", we have done a better job of face-to-face engineering, so that we can always shine beautifully in this year. Come and teach you the first course of New Year's skin care today, and learn quickly.

Relax and relax

1, physical and mental relaxation - deep cleaning

At the beginning of the new year, I left my work behind me and started the long-awaited "Hyun" skin plan. Beautiful, starting from cleaning. First of all, be sure to choose an acidic cleansing cream, which is closer to the original acid and alkali environment of the skin, and will not cause more serious dryness and roughness. Secondly, it is also important to remove makeup. Always remove all makeup from your face.

Whitening care

2, free time - whitening maintenance

A white cover is ugly, and it is obvious that white and tender skin is more important. The most important thing is to find the best whitening products for you, pay attention to maintenance, and maintain freshness, which is the way to maintain love and marriage! Of course, whitening is not a day and a day, and it requires long-term efforts. But don't be idle these days. Before going out to free activities, first make yourself a beauty treatment at home, and the United States and the United States appear in front of everyone.

Eye care

3, do a good date preparation - eye care

Appointed girlfriends to shop together, after the pressure of work, dark circles have been clearly painted on the face, then to repair the skin of the eyes, "electric eye" beauty is enough to dazzle, charming girl back to the rate of 100% Oh!

High-profile sunscreen

4, shopping-style - high-profile sunscreen

Good friends have a good time, of course, have a good mood. But don't let the sun hurt our skin. So, prepare for sun protection before going out! Don't forget to remind your friends to sunscreen together!

Deep moisturizing

5, PARTY is also beautiful - deep moisturizing

The friends around you are sure to come up with a pattern to PARTY. You can't go dry with it. You must have a good hydration for your skin. Be a beautiful woman of water and let yourself be full of spirit. In the morning, it is the best state of the skin. If the skin is full of water in the early morning, and the nutrition is added, the skin is naturally more healthy and shiny.

Efficient skin

6, ready to start again - efficient skin rejuvenation

Holiday time is always good, but when you are ready to return to work at the end of the holiday, you can come to an efficient skin care, effectively calm the skin and eliminate tiredness. It is best to get up early on the day of work, and then do a deep moisturizing treatment to ensure that the skin is watery today, no matter what makeup is a hundred times more spiritual.

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