Avoid the restaurant Feng Shui 10 big coups to eat as much as paying attention to

The traditional Chinese always have more or less the letter of feng shui numerology, no matter how the times develop, it is difficult to cancel the role of this psychological suggestion. It’s hard to spend half-time savings to buy a house, always need happiness and peace. Regardless of whether you believe or not, how much you know about it can make your family harmonious and affluent.

Restaurants and kitchens use a lot of water, and water is a symbol of wealth, so it is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth. On the other hand, the restaurant kitchen has the function of suppressing the evil spirits, and the location of the kitchen and the restaurant is related to the fortune and interpersonal relationship of the whole family.

First, choose the right Feng Shui

Choose the right Feng Shui

The kitchen is located in the south, and the foliage plants help to save. The kitchen is located in the south with a strong red sun, and there is a tendency to spend money unconsciously. The kitchen is located in the east. If you are in other directions, you can put red flowers on the table or near the refrigerator to help keep your body healthy. Located in the western kitchen, golden flowers, daffodils and pansies are placed next to the window, which not only blocks the evil of the sunset, but also brings wealth. When the kitchen is in the north, pink and orange flowers are placed to add vibrancy to the interior.

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