New software accelerates deployment of visual guidance robots

Cognex recently released In-Sight Explorer software version 3.3 for its award-winning In-Sight vision sensor. The software includes a variety of new tools such as calibration and communication, which effectively shortens the integration time when deploying products to robot guidance and inspection systems. With the introduction of this new software, In-Sight has become the best visual sensor in the industrial robotics industry. The software includes the following features:
* Non-linear calibration: Improves repeatability by correcting lens and perspective distortions.
* Robotic drivers and code examples: Helps achieve compact, seamless integration.
* PatMax: Used to accurately and reliably position non-fixed parts.

Companies that use robots to guide robots do not need to purchase expensive and accurate fixing equipment. They can enable the production line to process multiple products at the same time without changing production tools. This gives system integrators great flexibility and can Its chosen robotic platform uses world-class vision tools for component positioning, identification, inspection and measurement.
In-Sight Explorer 3.3 can be used on a series of IP67-level hardware platforms. The In-Sight vision sensor series is available in both standard and high-resolution versions. They are all equipped with highly-flexible cables designed for robotic applications. In order to facilitate the installation of the end of a robotic arm under light payload or in a limited space, the latest In-Sight 5400R vision sensor comes with a compact, remote-controllable camera. All In-Sight vision sensors are Get powerful visual software support.

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