Six kinds of fresh-keeping technology for fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are fresh foods that are perishable after harvesting. In order to extend the preservation period, researchers from various countries have invented a variety of fresh-keeping technologies. Six kinds of fresh-keeping technologies are introduced.

Fresh-keeping cartons: This is a new cartons developed by the Japan Food Distribution System Association in recent years. Researchers used a "Ristoval" (a type of silicate) as an additive to pulp. Due to this kind of stone powder, it has unique adsorption effect on various gases, and it is cheap and does not require low-temperature and high-cost equipment. It has a long-term preservation effect, and the weight of fresh fruits and vegetables will not be reduced, so businesses love it. With it, it is even more unique to carry out long-distance storage and transportation.

Microwave preservation: This is a method for the preservation of fruits, vegetables and fish-like foods by a Dutch company; it uses microwaves to heat it up to 72°C in a short time (120 seconds), and then it is processed. After the food is listed at 0°C-4°C, it can be stored for 42-45 days without deterioration, and it is very suitable for the supply of “seasonal apples” in the off-season. Pressurized and fresh-keeping: It was developed by the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Kyoto University in Japan. It uses pressure to make foods. It can prolong the freshness of vegetables after pressurization and sterilization, increase the fresh taste, and preserve pickles and fruits.

Ceramic Preservation Bag: This is a kind of vegetable and fruit fresh-keeping bag with far-infrared effect developed by a company in Japan. It mainly coats the inside of the bag with a thin layer of ceramic material, so the infrared rays released from the ceramic can be used with fruits and vegetables. The water contained in it undergoes a strong "resonance" movement, which promotes preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Microbiological preservation method: Ethylene has the effect of promoting the aging and maturation of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, to achieve the purpose of keeping fresh fruits and vegetables, ethylene must be removed. After screening research, the scientists isolated an "NH-10 strain" that can be used to make ethylene-removing "NH-T" substances that prevent browning, loosening, and grain loss during storage. Tomato; pepper to prevent dehydration, discoloration and soft, there is a clear effect of preservation.

Hydrocarbon mixture preservation method: This is a “natural edible preservative” that can be used to extend the storage life of tomatoes, peppers, pears, grapes and other fruits and vegetables by a British company, Sembep Biotech. It uses a complex mixture of hydrocarbons. When in use, it is dissolved in water to be in a solution state, and then the fruits and vegetables to be preserved are soaked in the solution so that the surface of the fruits and vegetables is uniformly coated with a liquid agent. This will greatly reduce the amount of oxygen absorbed, so that the carbon dioxide produced by fruits and vegetables is almost discharged. Therefore, the effect of preservatives is exactly like giving “anesthetics” to fruits and vegetables to make them sleep.

Electronic technology preservation method: It uses the negative oxygen ions and ozone produced by high-voltage negative electrostatic fields to achieve the purpose. Negative oxygen ions can passivate the enzymes that cause metabolism of fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing the respiratory intensity of fruits and vegetables, and reducing the production of ethylene as a fruit ripening agent. Ozone is a strong oxidant, and it is also a good disinfectant and fungicide. It can not only eliminate microorganisms on fruits and vegetables and secrete toxins, but also can inhibit and delay the hydrolysis of organic matter in fruits and vegetables, thereby prolonging the storage period of fruits and vegetables.

Reprinted from: Anhui Rural Network

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