Designing Anti-counterfeiting Patterns with CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is a powerful graphics and publishing software package designed and distributed by Corel Corporation. Using the rich tools and unique effects provided by CorelDRAW, plus the designers' unique rich imagination, we can complete the design of some anti-counterfeiting designs. This article describes the design and fabrication of a simple security pattern using CorelDRAW.

Flower pattern

The group flower, as the name suggests, is reminiscent of the colorful floral patterns, and the pattern flower is a miniature of the floral pattern. It is processed in various shapes of floral patterns, exaggerated, combined with the curvature of the lines, density, coupled with the color to make it clear and smooth contours, clear levels, reasonable structure. The use of group flowers to carry out anti-counterfeiting is more concerned with the appreciation of the arts. It can be enriched with different styles and different styles in terms of its unusually rich line-changing combinations, coordinated or contrasting colors, simple or complex forms. Packaging, bill layout.

1. Create two ovals and place them perpendicular to each other.

2. Solder the two ellipses as a whole with a welding tool and rotate them by 45°. This pattern is used as a path when creating patterns.

3. Make two smaller ovals and place them. Note: The size of the two small ellipses and the placement of the two small ellipses will affect the effect of the subsequent pattern, and it will also have a great relationship with the overall effect in the future.

4. Use the "interactive blend tool" in the toolbar to pull out the gradient effect.

5. Click on the “Path Properties” tool and arrange the drawn gradients along this path. At this time, the drawn gradient graph will no longer be a straight line, but will change along the path.

6. Copy the graph, then make the same three graphs and rotate them by 90°, 180°, and 270°, and set the center coordinates of the four graphs to be the same, so that their centers are the same.

7. In this step, we can change the color of the pattern. It should be emphasized that as long as the color of the two small oval borders in Figure 1.3 is changed, the color produced at this time is a gradient effect. Different colors can be set as needed. , but if you change the color after deleting the graphic as a path, you need to change the color of each small ellipse, and the resulting color effect is not a gradient effect. This is because the "detached object" is needed to delete the path graphic. One step, once the paths and patterns are separated, then all the patterns are broken up, so they become many independent parts and there is no longer any related relationship, so this should be noted.

8. Select all the graphs and click on the "Disconnect objects" button in the "Arrangement". This is to separate the graph from the path. By this time, the path will complete its function. We will delete it and leave us behind. Needed graphics.

9. Use the eight steps described above to create it again, except that the graphic used as the path this time is a square line, not an ellipse.

10. Select all the graphics and click on the "Combine" button in the "Arrangement" to combine them into a whole. It does not seem to make any difference between combining and not combining or speaking with the group, but we will see after filling the colors. The difference is obvious.

11. Fill the color of the graphic, and then delete the outer border. Then, overlap the center of Figure 1.7 and select the order of placement. You can set it to last. In this way, we will complete the mission. We can also use a similar method to produce many other kinds of group flowers. This depends on the imagination and continuous practice of the producers.

Ground grain

Geotexture is the repeated change of elements to form a continuous pattern with regularity, continuity, penetration, and variability. Anti-counterfeiting using land patterns is most common in bills of exchange for various countries as well as a variety of effective documents and securities. Designers arrange the lines, curves, and wavy lines systematically, intersperse them, or form a flat pattern, or form a unit pattern. , Or seemingly twists and turns, structured, changing.

The production of the grain pattern is simpler than that of the flower group. The pattern is mainly formed by the repeated changes of the basic shape. The change is produced by the change of the element and the color.

1. Draw a straight line, set the length to 150 length units, use the "interactive deformation tool" to change, click "zip deformation" tool, the distortion amplitude is set to 6, the distortion frequency is set to 40, and select " Smooth deformation button.

2. Also copy two more, so that the placement is to prepare for the gradual change, mainly the color gradient, here used three basic shapes, is a gradient between the three colors, if the color is more abundant, you can Add a few more uniform arrangements.

3. Click on the "Interactive Harmonic tool" to pull out the fader effect in turn, and adjust the "Shift between steps or harmonic shapes" until the number of gradients is appropriate. Then adjust the "Hue/Saturation" in "Effect/Adjustment". “degree, brightness”, making it suitable for shading, because the shading is generally at the bottom layer, the theme is not it, if the shading color, brightness is too dark or too large, it will affect the overall effect, so that the theme and background Doped together, so shading must be appropriate shades.

Although the production of the grain pattern is simple, it is very important. Many documents or certificates are printed with land patterns to prevent forgery or decoration. The addition of patterns can make the changes more abundant. Of course, the most important thing is its anti-counterfeiting function.

In the past, the method and process of making flowers and ground grain were introduced. In fact, every texture has endless changes. As long as the producers have a rich imagination, plus continuous practice, by contrast, you can create different kinds of textures. Security texture effect.

Reprinted from: China Printing Network

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