Printing air cushion blanket cloth

Title of the Invention: Printed Air Cushion Blanket Fabric Patent Application No. Abstract: This utility model is a printed air cushion blanket bottom cloth. Its warp and weft are all 24 high-staple cotton blended yarns. The warp threads are 24 three-ply yarns and the weft yarns are 24 single-ply yarns. By using the utility model, the tearing strength of the printed air cushion rubber bottom cloth is improved by more than 40%, the fixed load elongation is reduced by 50%, and the tearing breaking strength is ≥1800N/5cm, and the fixed load elongation is 2.8%. Specifications for ~3.5% (measured at 250N/2.5cm x 4hr).

Electroplating Letter sign                                                                                

Electroplating letter or plating letter sign has a much stronger coating than normal frabicated letters, both in terms of corrosion resistance and limited degradation. Besides, it can be used in environments where temperatures can change drastically, that is because the metal expands and contracts at the same rate as the coating.                                 

Compared with painted letter sign, electroplating letter is coated evenly both for unique or oddly shaped designs. It is also easier to ensure a relatively even layer of a secondary metal, which is critical when the component has to fit into a system with tight tolerances.

Electroplating Letter

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