Norden Nordenmatic 702 hose filling machine with excellent sealing and quick changeover

The Nordenmatic 702 is the latest in a series of Norden hose filling machines from Norden Machinery AB. It can fill and seal plastic and laminated hoses. The NM 702 can complete the filling and sealing of 80 hoses per minute. The maximum hose diameter that can be handled is 60 mm. The NM 702 is equipped with a wide variety of filling nozzles to cater to specific filling products, and hose filling and sealing is done through a bottom-up filling process without leakage or spillage.

The machine uses a series of hose sealing systems, including Norden's patented hot air sealing system, which is one of the most reliable sealing systems for plastics and laminated hoses. At the same time, Norden has also developed a number of innovative technologies that minimize the transition time between hoses of different sizes and can be processed on the same machine. For example, the Titable sealing unit provides excellent device accessibility, allows easy replacement of the sealing system components, and can be retrofitted into most existing equipment.

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