Retail information label

There are two main categories of retail information labels in the final application: price tag and electronic scale label. Price tags are usually pre-printed with one or two colors, such as a printing company logo. Variable information printing (VIP for short) is then performed, usually using thermal transfer printing or laser printing. Thermal labels can also be used when the label has a short life and there are no special printing requirements.

The labels of electronic scales mainly use thermal printing to display variable information. Such labels are usually preprinted. In Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, and Eastern Europe, most labels use four-color printing and UV coatings, which are beautiful and informative. In southern Europe, electronic scale labels are printed in only one or two colors, and the label used for decoration is attached separately. Economical thermal paper is commonly used in dry environments and has short lived electronic scale labels, such as labels for fruits and vegetables. Premium thermal paper can be used in more complex environments, such as for meat and cheese labels.

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