Military Product Packing for Reform and Exploration (Part Two)

V. Packaging standards have developed rapidly and the standard system has been continuously improved

The military packaging standard is the technical basis for military packaging, an important document for the technical supervision of military packaging quality, and an important means for guaranteeing the quality of military packaging. It is of great significance for improving the technical level of military packaging. With the joint efforts and support of relevant departments, in recent years, the military has invested a total of several million yuan in the development of packaging standards, and hundreds of packaging standard staff have been prepared to carry out the preparation of military packaging standards.

With the cooperation of various standards departments, the "Standard Catalogue for Military Logistics Material Packaging" and "Military Packaging Standard System Table" have been compiled into one. This system table presents macroscopically the blueprint of our military's packaging standard system before 2000. The implementation has basically formed a military packaging standard system with rigorous structure, reasonable level, coordinated support, strong commonality, and high technical level, and has greatly promoted the development of military packaging in the direction of modernization, scientification, and standardization.

After more than ten years of hard work, the speed of the formulation of military packaging standards has been accelerating, and a number of national military packaging standards that have important guiding roles have been promulgated. At present, the military has completed dozens of national military packaging standards, nearly 100 professional packaging standards, and the military packaging standard system has been continuously improved. These standards mainly include: packaging management standards, packaging materials standards, packaging container standards, packaging and transportation environmental standards, packaging technology standards, packaging testing method standards, general equipment and parts packaging standards. The promulgation and implementation of these standards provides a reliable basis for determining the requirements for packaging in the ordering of military equipment, equipment, and supplies, and enables packaging in the storage, transportation, management, and use of equipment, equipment, and supplies. There are rules to follow and laws to follow; it effectively guides the development of packaging research and improvement work along a standardized and serialized track, promotes the “comprehensive management” of military packaging work, and promotes the technical level and management of military packaging. The level of improvement.

Sixth, packaging companies pay close attention to quality, constantly improve the competitiveness

Under the new situation of reform and opening up, in order to meet the needs of the development of military packaging, the military packaging enterprises have developed rapidly, from the original dozen small packaging plants, to dozens of packaging companies, and 19 packaging companies have successively It was rated as a packaging star enterprise and an excellent packing enterprise for the entire country and the entire army. Especially during the "7th Five-Year Plan" and "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period, the army packaging enterprises have developed rapidly. These packaging companies are closely centering on the purpose of serving the armed forces, adhering to the service policy of "first in military products and quality first", and in order to increase the comprehensive support capabilities of the military and ensure that a large amount of military equipment, equipment and supplies supply troops quickly, accurately, and safely. We have done a lot of active work and provided important material and technical guarantees for military equipment, material production, transportation, storage, supply, and management, and made major contributions to the modernization of the military. Take the military requirements system as an example. According to different military tasks each year, the annual amount of cartons is about 2.6 million, the annual amount of woven fabrics is about 25 million square meters, the sack cloth is about 3 million meters, and the mixed cotton cloth is about 300,000 meters. 50,000, 200,000 straw mats and 200 tons of twine. It is quite difficult to complete a large number of military packaging tasks each year. In addition, there are many turnover links in military products, and the storage and transportation environment is complex. The quality requirements for packaging are relatively high. The packaging companies concerned worked together and adopted various measures to ensure the quality of military packaging and completed the task of packing military products. Especially in the case of a sluggish military enterprise and unsatisfactory packaging costs, it is necessary to understand the general situation and the overall situation, supplement military products with civilian products, and ensure the completion of military production tasks. At the same time, under the premise of completing military packaging tasks, the military packaging enterprises faced a fiercely competitive market, regarded quality as the life of the enterprise, and went to the market with its excellent product quality and excellent service. After the general production management department pays attention to the quality of its military-demand products, it organizes two quality inspections each year and regards packaging as a key inspection item to ensure the product quality of military packaging companies. The packaging companies have strengthened the technical training of employees around product quality, attached importance to the construction of a quality assurance system, and established and improved a quality management system. Each of the packaging products is in strict quality control from the design, process, processing, and inspection to the factory. The combination of self-inspection and the supervision and inspection of the higher level management departments will ensure that the quality of packaging products will increase year by year, and the annual profit rate of enterprises will increase year by year. increase.

After many years of reform and exploration, military packaging has achieved great development through the joint efforts of several generations of packaging workers in China. However, there is still a big gap between the overall requirements for the modernization of the military and the military. It is both a responsibility and a challenge for contemporary military packaging workers. It is believed that under the leadership of the state's packaging management department and packaging organizations at all levels of the military, the military packaging industry will surely achieve rapid development at the beginning of the next century and will play a more important role in the preparation for future military struggles.

Source: China Packaging Industry

(Author/Guo Baohua, Jiang Zuojun)

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